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 Jack & Jasmine Jones of Cardiff 

Independent Escorts ~ 07907646514 

FAQ's ...

How do I make an appointment with you both?

That's the easy bit! First decide how long you would like to spend with us, when and the type of appointment you would like. If you have any questions email text (if you have multiple questions please either put them all in one email or give us a call, we don't have the time to play email or text ping pong!) or just call. Then to make your appointment simply give us a ring (from a visible mobile number). You can not make your initial appointment by text or email, when we have met you once you are then welcome use texts to book. To confirm your appointment you will have to call us on the day before 10am, we will give you our details then.

How about a bit of bare back action?

Of course ... as long as you are prepared to marry us both, buy us a very large luxury house on a tropical beach and are prepared to keep us in a manor we can both very quickly become accustomed to! Come on be serious its a big NO! We actually enjoy this wonderful ride called life! Our sexual health is of high standards as should yours be! Jasmine does not perform oral without either, as those nasty little STD's lurk and live quite happily in your throat. We both have regular checks and are both healthy, we would like to keep it that way!

Will Jack do 'Gay for Pay'?

No is the simple answer to that question! Jack is 100 and 10% straight! Guys that does not mean that you can suck his cock ... STRAIGHT MEANS STRAIGHT!!! Though we do have a bi-sexual black gent who will join us if that is your thing.

Are you both available separately?

Yes, we are both available separately at our apartment and at your hotel. Jack will visit you in your home, though Jasmine will not come to a gents home on her own.

Will you take a cheque?

No! Do they even still exist......?

How about plastic?

Ummmmm which slot do you suggest we use......? Lol! That's a no too! 

Where are you based?

We are based in a plush apartment in a safe area of Cardiff Bay. There is good parking a short walk from us and it is very discreet. We have excellent facilities which you will be encouraged to use on arrival and are very welcome to use again on departure.

What are you polices on drugs and alcohol?

If we believe you to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol on your arrival then you will be asked to leave. You are welcome to bring along a bottle of your favorite tipple, Jasmine will happily join you for a relaxing drink, Jack on the other hand won't as he doesn't! Drugs are not permitted at all and if you are seen taking them or offer them to us you will be asked to leave. There will be no refund either!

I'm running late or can't make it!!!!

No problem as long as you give us a call! We will do our utmost to accommodate you or to reschedule. However if you do not contact us your appointment will start and end at its designated time and our fee will be as arranged.